Snow managers deserve thanks

To the Journal editor:

I recently read an article in The Mining Journal about Marquette County and snow removal.

Thank you Marquette County Road Commission, the city of Marquette and all the other municipalities, individuals and businesses that remove snow.

We have to realize as residents of Marquette County, it is (I believe) the largest county east of the Mississippi River and very sparsely populated. Our area receives less funding then densely populated areas.

Unfortunately, if you live further from main roads it takes longer to plow because plowing is prioritized (highly traveled roads are plowed first). I have a camp further from the main road, it is plowed less.

If you compare our area to other areas, we have excellent snow removal.

Snow removal is not an easy job (I’ve done it) and is dangerous. When you see somebody plowing, give them a break, get out of their way, move your vehicle so they can do their job.

Thanks, again, to the municipalities, individuals and businesses who remove snow during snowstorms while we’re sleeping. Keep up the good work.


Marquette County