MCRC needs new funding

To the Journal editor:

I’m writing regarding the recent article and concerns of snow removal efforts of the Marquette County Road Commission. As has been documented, the two storms last November were very unusual, especially as it relates to the amount of snow, density and the wind. The fact these storms were so close together is the other negative impact.

Even though it was deer season and Thanksgiving, Mr. Iwanicki explained current staffing was being utilized and was not the issue but it was the significance of the weather. I’m confident the road commission and Mr. Iwanicki are experienced and competent in preparing for our winters and scheduling staff in the most efficient manner.

Iwanicki also noted the road commission is working with about 50 fewer full-time employees since 2003 due to funding. Considering our geographic location and the unpredictability of weather, we should expect continued such events and impacts on our road commission.

Maybe we have been spoiled by years of more than adequate snow removal, compared to this years challenges and impacts for our road commission. Even though I’m a believer in roundabouts, I can’t imagine the difficulties of plowing them and if only one lane has been plowed, what more does a person need?

As Mr. Nordeen noted in the article, “The Marquette County Board of Commissioners is in charge of the health, safety and welfare of the county as a whole.” I suggest the road commission and our county board look into additional funding options to increase staffing and equipment needs of our road commission. As residents, if we expect better services we need to let our county commissioners know and also be prepared to financially support those services we need.