Drowning in red ink

To the Journal editor:

Words have power. It seems especially so when they are repeated and catchy. It doesn’t seem to matter in our “sound bite” society where people can let themselves be influenced by incomplete, out of context and not necessarily accurate or fact-based jingles.

Catchy jingles are difficult to forget. As I read or hear night after night about those “tax and spend” Democrats or those “do nothing” Democrats; I want Democrats to respond. The best I have come up with is “those borrow and spend republicans.” Perhaps it’s obvious why my career wasn’t on Madison Avenue.

Growing up, I was led to believe that the conservative party was fiscally conservative. I think it is high time for someone to point out that forever increasing our country’s debt and subsequent debt service payment while refusing to cover expenses with increased revenue is not fiscally conservative not to mention responsible.

Respectfully submitted,


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