Change badly needed

To the Journal editor:

In the dedication to her book “Arboretum Borealis — A Lifeline of the Planet,” author Diana Beresford-Kroeger writes that “this book is dedicated to the Children of the North” and writes that “I asked my daughter, Erika, what she wanted for her sixth birthday. She answered with such simplicity that years later, I am still shocked by her answer. ‘Mommy,’ she said, her young face serious with thought. ‘I would like a future!'”

Neither the Democrats, the Republicans and almost the entire polity want to work towards our needs, as we are faced with an ever increasing, and worsening climate crisis emergency because of the changes wrought upon this world by humankind and its world of consumerism, and depletion of nature resources and harmful use of fossil fuels and toxic waste, without consequence as to their effects on the health of this world and its inhabitants.

The proof is there, through proven science and facts and real events. We see and feel the effects of this nation and worldwide.

In the recent U.N. Climate Seminar held in Madrid, Spain, COP 25 (Conference of Parties), little or nothing was accomplished, except to acknowledge its failure, due largely to the efforts of the United States and other nations pushing fossil fuels, who were more interested in sabotaging efforts to fight the climate crisis.

In other words, corporate greed, profits first, instead of a healthy world and eco-environment. The oceans are becoming more acidic, depleted of its life-giving oxygen, too warm for its life forms, and contaminated with waste and plastics.

As others have noted, we face a hotter planet, bringing on more and worse droughts, fires, not to mention the negative effects on food growing ability, of which we all depend on.

The president seems all too nonchalant about this, as do his supporters. Impeachment grabs the headlines, but not the threat to life on Earth! Why is this? They, the polity, seem more interested in suppressing and marginalizing voters who might just want to do something about saving life and this planet.

I have yet to hear Trump, McConnell (or) Pelosi put life first. They represent not reality, only the status quo on the road of continuing disaster for life on earth.