Bergman has blinders on

To the Journal editor:

All celebrities have groupies. Every sorcerer has his apprentice. Every illusionist has his minions. Enter U.S. Rep. Jack Bergman, R-Watersmeet.

Without any firsthand knowledge of the evidence being presented to the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees concerning the president’s alleged improprieties, Bergman has already decided that any disparaging findings simply cannot be true.

Bergman has made much of his military career. One can’t help but wonder what kind of general would commit to an engagement without exactly knowing the strength and placement of the opposition.

Regardless of whether this president has told 10, 100 or 15,000 lies, Bergman is quite content to overlook them all. Fear of presidential punishment and losing his lucrative position appears to over-ride whatever sense of honor he may have at one-time possessed. Fear of facing his constituents, the forgotten people of MI-01, may also explain his continued lack of public town halls.

Bergman should recognize that those who have testified publicly also took an oath to serve this country and they have honored it. They have also testified under an additional oath this president has committed self-serving acts not in the interest of our country.

Only those who refuse to consider the evidence taken under oath continue to maintain this president’s innocence.

To some, Bergman’s blind devotion to this president might seem admirable but to many others it can appear downright frightening. We all should realize the presidential office is not a throne.

We all must remain aware enough to say the emperor has no clothes.


Traverse City


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