VA facilities should be cell phone free

To the Journal editor:

I volunteer at a Veterans Administration facility in Arizona and I have noticed the abuse of cell phone use. I encounter daily, all the time paid workers including nurses, techs, janitors, etc., constantly on their cell phones.

This constant cell phone usage takes away the support that the vets should be getting. Many times the workers will leave their areas to make these phone calls. When these workers are away from their areas making their phone calls, the vets suffer by having to wait to get the proper timely service they should.

I believe cell phones should be banned from the VA facilities to give better service to the vets.

I have to keep in contact with my child, parent, grandparent, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, etc., in case of an emergency.

Not so the facility I work in has an excellent phone system, which is capable of contacting any worker at a moments notice. No! The truth is the workers feel like they need to be glued to their cell phones rather than do their job like they were hired to do. I believe all cell phones should be banned from VA facilities.

I may not be popular with this feeling, but it is true. Thank you.

Robert L. Wheat

Sun City