More firsthand witnesses needed

To the Journal editor:

The Republican representatives are suggesting President Trump was concerned about corruption so his asking about investigating Biden was only about corruption and withholding financial aid was to make sure the aid was being handled appropriately.

I think Trump concerned about corruption would be news to New York because New York’s attorney general filed suit against President Trump and his three eldest children, alleging “persistently illegal conduct” at the president’s personal charity and saying that Trump had repeatedly misused the nonprofit organization to pay off his businesses’ creditors, to decorate one of his golf clubs and to stage a multimillion-dollar giveaway at 2016 campaign events. One of the charities was for kids who have cancer.

A New York state judge ordered President Donald Trump to pay $2 million to a collection of nonprofit organizations in connection with a settlement with the New York state attorney general’s office to resolve a civil lawsuit alleging the foundation unlawfully coordinated with the 2016 Trump presidential campaign.

The financial aid was released once Trump learned about the whistleblower within days.

Perhaps the Senate can bring in firsthand witnesses who can reveal what they knew about Ukraine incident. If the Senate subpoena the following: chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and national security advisor John Bolton, any doubts about what had happen can be revealed. If they fail to appear that would support the second article of impeachment.