Beach trash is overwhelming

To the Journal editor:

Over the last year my wife and I have found a way to enjoy the beach, get some exercise, and feel like we are doing a community service. We have a stretch of Lake Superior beach in front of our home and have taken to picking up trash on a near daily basis, weather permitting.

Without exaggeration, we have picked up over 50,000 pieces of trash. Hard pieces of plastic, which used to be something else is the most common forms the refuse takes. But, cigarette butts, cigar holders, and lately with the severe wave action, old Styrofoam has popped up. We have also found buried diapers, lots of firework parts, and glass.

It is shocking to find so much and so diverse trash. It has clearly been decades in the making, but there is plenty of new stuff: for example the group of guys who thought it was a great idea to hit golf balls into Superior. They were not moved when I questioned their idiocy.

The tobacco refuse is also particularly annoying. Kill yourself, but leave the beach clean!

Surprisingly, there are few plastic bags or aluminum cans. In fact, we have found more clothing discarded than plastic bags. Deposits on beer and soft drinks seem to work. Plastic bags must be finding secondary uses.

There is, seemingly, a never-ending supply of trash. Our 50,000 pieces has not made a dent in our little spot on the lake. I would encourage everyone to find a little piece of paradise we share and make it your own cleanup project. You and the shoreline will be better for it!




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