Where will it end?

To the Journal editor:

Many of us have ordinary needs. We desire security, a feeling of usefulness, some certainly of competence. A problem to solve, a cause to champion, a place to fit in.

Many of us also seek our own loving God for grace, redemption, and peace. Sadly, some lust for nothing more than money and power. They will say and do anything to possess it, even if it pits American against American. Enter – the “Illusionist.”

So many pressing problems that only this illusionist could solve. The “stable genius” with his “unmatched wisdom” who knows more than generals, scientists, doctors and weather-people combined. The entertainer who promised to remedy every conceivable ill we face in our personal lives. Then failing miserably he lays all the blame on others, never himself.

The rebuilding of our country’s infrastructure has been abandoned. America’s best health care plan is a go-fund-me page. Manufacturers are still off-shoring jobs. Public education is crumbling. Mass shootings regrettably solved with thoughts and prayers.

Outright environmental destruction and devastated farm families going bankrupt. On the bright side, vacancies are down at his properties as are (presumably) his golf scores. His singular version of greatness.

Meanwhile, the swamp gets deeper and extraction becomes evermore difficult. Now, he actively promotes a schism in our country. Those attempting to hold this illusionist accountable are derided as fakes, spies and/or accused of treason by those who look only to continue profiting from his illusions.

Believing in illusions is comforting. Living in reality is something else entirely.


Traverse City


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