What is state of US?

To the Journal editor:

What is the state of the United States? In one word, it is chaos encompassing the polity of the nations from top to bottom, with corruption and the lack of cognitive thinking currently pulling us along the road of ruin, continuing well into the future, if there be one.

There is false patriotism, hiding behind a facade of hypocrisy, lies, deception, manipulation, suppression of civil right, equal rights, inequality in most areas, a patriotism of jingoistic, flag-waving, my country, right or wrong, that the media often fails to address and that people follow along like sheep, without questioning any of the warmongering, forever wars, with hundreds of bases that serve what purpose but to extend American hegemony world-wide an idea of exceptionalism with the right to know all, be all, control all, only the American way is the right way.

This nation is an oligarchical republic, not a democratic republic. Just follow the money, pay attention to the money received and allotted to the military-industrial congressional complex by the polity (the three branches of government, corporations, numerous special interests, et al). In this democracy is only a word not backed by facts or action of the polity, used only to get out votes to a misguided and easily duped public.

The elites of this nation only have contempt for the ordinary populous too weak to oppose without an equal playing field that the so-called representatives fail to give to the populous less they lose their power to the people they are supposed to represent.

People may not remember Henry A. Wallace (1888-1965) who served in the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration and came close to becoming president of the United States. Wallace espoused “the new democracy,” that according to his biographers “… must include not only political democracy but economic, educational, ethnic, and gender democracy as well.” How much of this do we have today and how many people enjoy it?

We face anti-protest laws, the criminalizing of dissent and violation of the First Amendment protection. Those in the independent media who speak out of this are marginalized, attacked and arrested with false accusations in attempts to silence the truth they write about and want the public to know. Go online to see about the arrest of journalist Max Blumenthal.

Chaos reigns.




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