Supporting Andrew Lorinser

To the Journal editor:

We are fortunate to have four excellent candidates running for Marquette City Commission. How heartening it is that their campaigns have been positive and one candidate, Andrew Lorinser, has even signed a formal pledge to be positive.

Andrew Lorinser is a standout in so many ways. At a time when Marquette is at a financial crossroad, we need a commissioner like Andrew who has taken the time to attend city budget meetings. His experience in starting and running a business is an asset. Andrew Lorinser’s youth and inquisitive mind are also needed to help the city to think “outside the box” for solutions to our property tax and budget issues. The commission needs Andrew’s experience with Room at the Inn and his compassion for the homeless to help the city create a permanent solution for those who are homeless. You might not know that Andrew housed in his home several of the residents who were forced out of their apartments at Pine Ridge Apartments due to the fire. Andrew grew up in Marquette, playing youth soccer, hockey and baseball and swimming for the Water Cats and Marquette Senior High School, and these experiences will help him sustain and improve youth sports.

Another advantage to Andrew Lorinser’s candidacy is his commitment to making Marquette a more affordable place to live by encouraging the construction of moderate-cost housing and holding down increases in water bills. Again, Andrew’s youth and creativity will be an asset as the city seeks to make Marquette a more affordable place to live.




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