Recalling what’s important

To the Journal editor:

We celebrate two of the what I call major days to remember. One is Veterans Day, Nov. 11, then Thanksgiving on Nov. 28. Most should know that they have added so many more so-called holidays for everything.

But for me, I honor the ones that have been in place for many years and have special meaning. Veterans Day of course.

All should remember those not only for serving our country but the ones who gave their very lives to protect our freedom. As a veteran myself I surely do.

And Thanksgiving was to be very thankful for the many blessings God has given us. The pilgrims that first arrived to our shores did just that. Not for the excess we have now, just food, shelter, love one another and help each other in need.

That has changed much; the real meaning has pretty much been forgotten. Seems now just go out and have parties, time off work, etc.

Not only that, the commercial side of it is really something. Now they are into Christmas season in October and it’s more about getting than giving. Not the Lord’s message. One has to take time and read the book called the Holy Bible.

It’s still the best book that has surpassed any other book that is still an inspiration to any who would take time to read it and let the spoken word turn your life to a better and more satisfied direction.

I’m glad I use it daily to give me a much better life than the way of the so-called world.

In conclusion, just a note about Doc Surrell writing in a recent issue of The Mining Journal. Very uplifting with good humor. Accepting the change of season and not complaining about colder weather, etc. Each season has its beauty.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan has it all. Get out and be thankful you live in God’s county, the U.P. of Michigan.

Happy Veterans Day and Thanksgiving.


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