Quilt show was successful

To the Journal editor:

“Northern Lights” was a theme for this year’s Autumn Comfort Quilt Show which showcased the spectacular work of regional quilters. For two days, a well-organized event offered inspiration to the community to explore the fiber arts.

The Marquette County Quilter Association honored Judy Parlato and Alice Johnson into their Hall of Fame. Both women are known in their community for: their excellent work, involvement in community projects, assistance to the MRHC and educating all age groups. They are a great example of “Northern Lights.”

The event wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of a large group of dedicated women who worked on the committee. The booklet lists all the quilts with the artist’s comments on their inspiration and techniques used.

We are also fortunate to have vendors participate, bringing new ideas, materials and machines. Marquette has a variety of artists and it is important to recognize women who carry on traditional, as well as modern approaches in the field of fiber arts.

On Saturday, the Yarnwinders Fiber Guild will have a 73rd anniversary sale at the Federated Women’s Clubhouse. On the 16th, the Holiday Sale (MRHC) will also include fiber artists.

October 2020 will bring the return of the Lake Superior Fiber Festival at the MRHC. This event spotlights the fiber arts of various guilds and items in the MRHC collection.

All of these events spotlight the creative work done in our community and offers educational opportunities.