Poetic justice here

To the Journal editor:

Veterans Day will soon be here and I thought I would submit this for inclusion in your paper if it’s OK.

I’m 74 now and just don’t have the abilities and energy any more to help our veterans in a more direct way. I can, however, help to raise awareness of their significance in our lives.

I wrote this some 20 years ago.

Promises, Promises

Their bodies floated near the shore

All victims of the rifle bore

that pointed from the cliffs of Normandy.

And some were lost beneath the sea

far from where they ought to be

No family, friends, no flags are waved

no flower marks the missing grave

of those we lost.

And remnants of their broken bones

lie lost beneath some jungle stone

still resting underneath the vines

that have long since covered battle lines

of battles fought before our time

or fought for reasons we forgot

But, yet we live and they do not

because they fought.

But, in our conscience they’re alive

and to their companions who survived

We cannot give them less than our full heart

to those whose limbs were blown apart

or, who simply can not cope with what they’ve seen.

Who can’t escape their nightmares lived and dreamed

Who can’t escape a world that knows them not

We cannot let them be forgot.

For those who wept

and for those who weep

We have promises to keep…..

We have promises to keep.

Yours truly,




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