MCMCF does outstanding work

To the Journal editor:

I want to express my appreciation for our Marquette County Medical Care Facility located in Ishpeming. MCMCF provides long-term medical attention or short-term rehabilitation for its residents.

Both of my parents and in-laws were residents of the facility for varying lengths of time. My mother who recently passed lived there for six years. I visited there typically three times a week over this period of time and was always impressed by the facility and the staff.

The facility is well maintained and improvements are frequently made to keep the facility modern and welcoming. The new rehab addition is absolutely beautiful.

My mom was so proud of “her home” and was often found helping dust the woodwork to keep it presentable. I appreciate the staff for allowing her to contribute and feel valuable.

The staff are so caring and compassionate with the residents. They are respectful to them and attentive to their needs.

The staff became my parents’ extended family. They enabled my parents to live with dignity when their own minds and bodies were failing them. I was never concerned about the care that my parents were receiving when I wasn’t with them.

I wanted to share my observations and thoughts with the community because MCMCF is county run and relies on the county citizens for support as demonstrated by the millage vote this past August.

MCMCF is a valuable asset to our county and we are very fortunate to have its services. I am forever grateful for the care MCMCF provided my parents and in-laws.


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