Judging judges

To the Journal editor:

Many today are saying that if they are merely told their beliefs and actions are wrong, then they are being “judged” wrongfully.

However, both individuals and society have to do this to protect themselves against harm and even destruction. This is a rightful kind of “judgement” although a better term would be “discernment.” It’s not always correct, but it is generally needed.

We can’t be accepting or “inclusive” of many so-called “diverse” actions and ideas. For instance, we know by experience, observation, research and, hopefully, just plain common sense, that child molestation is harmful to children, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and sometimes physically. Most people can understand why it can’t be tolerated.

What is wrongful judgement, then? That would be a wholesale or partial personal condemnation of an individual. A person is described as worthless, unreachable by God or humans, unworthy of any respect or attention/contact, deserving of the most extreme, vengeful punishment no matter what the crime (not appropriate justice) etc.

What makes this even worse is when the person judging is involved in the same actions! This is called hypocrisy, and there should be no right to “judge” at all, here.




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