Debate possible?

To the Journal editor:

Mr. Anderson, thanks for informing pro-life candidates what they aught to look like. My experience in listening to them is that they are not compromisers and believe an unborn baby’s life is of infinite value — beyond a dollar and cents issue.

I’m wondering why you have not mentioned or promoted adoption as a positive and viable alternative to ‘choice’ which would benefit both mother and child.

It is my understanding that the Catholic Church believes life begins at conception.

Do they not oppose the ‘discerning silent moral majority’ who ‘believe that a woman has the right to choose until her prenatal child is viable?’ Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s pastor recently refused him communion for his position on abortion. Is that the standard in the Catholic church that you attend as well?

Many pro-life proponents are not dependent on the latest polls, or some bishop, pope, or president who happens to be in office at the time. For many, our final authority is the timeless Bible, which appears to be too extreme for you.

Rather than continue to debate these issues in The Mining Journal ad infinitum, I suggest you organize a public forum at Northern Michigan University so we could discuss these various subjects on the same stage, and do so respectfully.

As an adjunct professor, I assume you could make this happen. Perhaps The Mining Journal could be of assistance for this event as well.

I also request that you arrange a format so I could show the films of the various abortion procedures with the actual unborn children. Then everyone could see with their own eyes and hearts what is happening to them.

I imagine that you would not oppose that, because it is the law in America and all the Democrat Presidential candidates approve of these procedures. I also request that you invite a Planned Parenthood representative to come and defend their position on this subject.

In addition, we would also address the issues you believe are Biblical mandates, which, in my opinion, are primarily given as personal responsibilities/opportunities to us as individuals and to employers. However, what God does mandate are governmental laws to be made according to His Word, not ours.

Looking forward to a discussion at NMU.




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