America, Constitution betrayed

To the Journal editor:

President Trump is testing us. At stake is the future of Constitutional government in the United States.

We must not fail this test. While the Democrats have, for largely tactical reasons, seized on one episode of obvious reckless behavior, the basis for impeachment is broad and deep.

Aided and abetted by a Republican party that has long engaged in anti-democratic, obstructionist politics, the Trump presidency now presents a threat to the nation the likes of which we have not seen before, not even in the Nixon years.

Whatever your party affiliation, your stand on particular issues and if you voted for Donald Trump, consider the strategy at work for the past three years. Labeling the media and targeting individuals as “enemies of the people,” inciting violence against political opponents, scapegoating and stirring-up race hatred, obstructing investigations, demanding unconditional loyalty, threatening and endangering the lives of whistleblowers, manipulating public perception through distraction and a constant barrage of lies and distortions, and the extremely dangerous pandering to neo-Nazis: these are core practices of a totalitarian leader.

It is nothing less than a gross betrayal of American values and longstanding democratic practices. Having fought a revolution to overthrow unjust royal power, our Founding Fathers wisely provided the means in our Constitution to protect the nation against an authoritarian president. Impeachment and removal from office are now imperative.

Now is the time for citizens to stand up and speak out. To do so honors the patriots, in public service and our armed forces who, throughout our history, have given so much to preserve a free America. The message is simple and direct: country above party and personal self-interest. Our elected representatives took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution.

That’s exactly what they need to do.

Fred B. Kotler



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