A heartbeat means life

To the Journal editor:

How many have a heartbeat who are reading this letter to the editor? A heartbeat detected is an indicator of life. Presently there is a petition drive in Michigan to obtain 340,000 signatures to stand for the unborn. “A heartbeat detected is a baby protected.” The MI Heartbeat Bill petition has been circulating out to many homes and we have county captains/volunteers that you can contact. Would you be a voice to stand for the “Sanctity of Life”? Would you consider going to www.MIHeartbeat.org to OBTAIN a petition to sign or contact me (Email rifen55@gmail.com) to get one; encourage others in your church, family, or friends to sign.

May we be a voice for the voiceless! Last year 27,000 babies were aborted in MI. We are 10th in population but 4th in the number of abortions performed in our nation. MI has pre-Roe LIFE laws on the books that presently do not save any children. Our petition can save children now and still protect those laws with protective clauses when Roe is overturned. What about now? May we join together in unity to save the lives of the unborn.




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