Writers agree on Rep. Bergman

To the Journal editor:

Apropos the letter by Mr. Tom Bronken in the Oct. 11 edition of The Mining Journal, I would like to acknowledge his sentiments about U.S. Rep. Jack Bergman, R-Watersmeet.

They match mine completely! Clearly Mr. Bronken is less than satisfied, as am I, with the tepid position Mr. Bergman has taken along with his timid utterances relative to Mr. Trump’s abuse of power, especially re the most recent revelations around a telephone conversation with the Ukrainian president.

Even if, as Mr. Bergman proclaims some of this news is second and third person, that is no reason to dismiss it as unworthy of investigation by Congress. But irrespective of where it came from — it came ultimately from a very bold, risk-taking public servant!– it has been verified by Mr. Trump himself by way of a transcript of his conversation!

I expect very little satisfaction for myself and the other “American People” who, according to Mr. Bergman deserve “better”as a result of Congress’s investigation and I certainly don’t expect to see Mr. Bergman suddenly grow apolitical spine. But Heck, I would be happy and encouraged just to see and read about some responsible effort by our congressman to compel Mr. Trump to release his tax returns.

Oh yeah, remember those Mr. Bergman, the documents Mr. Trump said he would he share with the public if he were not being audited by the IRS!




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