Questions for Bergman

To the Journal editor:

I have written to Congressman Bergman to applaud him and to ask him three questions affecting us in the U.P. I share the same applause and questions of you who read the Journal.

Congressman Bergman, you are a veteran and proud of it. You use it as an appeal for our vote and approval. Your emails list how you have fought for better hospital care of veterans, shorter waiting periods and quicker access to care. Also, that the veteran affairs bills you have presented to committee have been accepted and now are proceeding to further hearings. That’s good!

But as a proud veteran, I ask you three important questions:

1. Do you still support your Commander in Chief who sits in his oval office and spits in the face of the generals who have their feet on the ground? The generals pleaded not to pull out of Syria. He scoffed at them! Do you support a commander who does such … or condemn such?

2. Do you still support your Commander in Chief who belittles the troops who fought with us, faced real bullets, and saw companions killed? He said “They’re no angels.” Do you still support such a commander … or condemn such mockery of their brave sacrifices on our behalf?

3. Do you still support your Commander in Chief who abandons our allies and feeds them to ISIS? Experts warned that ISIS warriors now in prison will be released to wage new war on the Kurds and surrounding countries and on us! He treated such wisdom as “False news.” Do you still support such a commander… or condemn such abandonment?

You are sitting on three boxes of ammunition: 1) Your voice, 2)Your pen, 3) Your vote. How will you use them in answering the above? I’m extremely interested in your answer.





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