Save water, Mother Earth

To the Journal editor:

Addressing global food shortage, “The good news is that we already know what we have to do. We just have to figure out how to do it.” From the May 2014 National Geographic, page 46/ Jim Richardson.

As humans we think we can fix it. And as we go about “fixing it,” we run into more unseen obstacles to do so. Well, we may as well fix those too. This has lead to much creativity,innovation and invention.Art, discoveries and medical treatments have all been positive measures for our quality of life.

In our past human history (some of it horrific, let’s just get that out of the way right now), humans observed much. All beings observed much. All the non human beings still do observe much.

One of our very important survival observations was celestial and of the weather. Learning when and where to gather hunt and later on plant started out quite literally as a matter of life or death.

Observing the non-humans was also helpful as they knew how to prepare for hibernation and migration. and one element that was absolutely essential was and still is water.

We are currently observing the weather quite a bit despite tweets.

And water quality is becoming more compromised.

Water is washing away soil, which is essential to grow vegetation on.

Water has become a carrier of disease.

The truly good news is that there has been and always will be a core of humans who make the simple effort to protect the water. This caring also extends to those around them, their families and friends and those they encounter and the non humans who share life here with us.

And the best news is that we can all be a part of that number and make that core even more inclusive to all. We can grow and produce food when we are mindful of where we are.

Each of us has our own unique habitat and respecting that takes the frustration out of what we grow and can harvest.We eliminate our own teachable moment when we fix chemicals into the earth.

We do have common ground. We observe and talk about the weather, our cat or dog.

We can do more than talk about the weather. Cats are pretty independent, so they’re usually doing something about us and dogs enjoy a good run and a slurping of water.

From near the shores of Gitche Gumee/Lake Superior.

rosa musket