Reading to animals effort successful

To the Journal editor:

At a recent community event at the new UPAWS facility, the Literacy Legacy Fund of Michigan provided a second financial gift to initiate the Read to Your Shelter Pet Program in Marquette County.

A successful pilot brought third-grade students to the shelter in the spring.

Thanks to all who attended this ice cream social to learn more about the program, UPAWS as the host in their new Community Room, the various media outlets, and volunteers from UPAWS and LLF Michigan to make this event a success.

In particular, we applaud Econo Foods and Globe Printing for consistent and outstanding support of various LLF Michigan initiatives.

LLF Michigan usually provides evidence-based grants to non-profits and educational agencies throughout the state.

Our board deemed the Read to Your Shelter Pet project worthy of an outright gift because it will allow all who want to read aloud their own books or ones provided at the shelter to do so in a relaxed setting, enhance reading skills, and help to socialize the animals currently residing at the shelter.

Readers can gain more positive experiences with animals, perhaps even deciding to adopt an animal eventually (not a necessary expectation, however). It is our hope that adults and children alike will participate throughout the year.

As a footnote, one potential cat adoption may have resulted from this community event. Who knows the impact that participation can generate!


Chairwoman, Literacy Legacy Fund of Michigan Board



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