Pick Mother Earth, Democrats

To the Journal editor:

Those of us who live in the Upper Peninsula, no matter our political leanings, care about the Great Lakes.

The latest move by the EPA is to approve a proposed large, open-pit ore mine in the U.P. near the Menominee River in spite of objections from Michigan regulators and environmental scientists.

The mine would send acidic wastes into the river and surrounding waterways, which would then spill into the Great Lake and also poison the ground water.

This Canadian mine is just one mining operation approved by the Trump administration that will poison the Great Lakes.

The Chilean mine in Minnesota’s boundary waters will dump toxic acid into the rivers and water table on Lake Superior’s north shore.

Christine Todd Whitman, former Republican governor of New Jersey and EPA chief for George W. Bush, said she is “deeply concerned that five decades of environmental progress are at risk because of the attitude and approach of the current administration … Current EPA leadership has ignored scientists, buried information on climate change and rolled back regulations to favor industry.”

How do you think the poisoning of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior will impact the U.P.? Do something, and please think carefully before you vote for Donald Trump and the Republicans in 2020.