Multi-faceted issue

To the Journal editor:

In D. Michael Carriere’s recent letter to the editor, he agrees with the assertion in my earlier op-ed that racism is an evil that should be called out by people of all faiths. Michael then advocates from a Biblical point of view that the primary focus of the pro-life movement should be overturning Roe v. Wade and stopping abortion.

His limited interpretation of the Bible’s command to protect life and oppose killing is only partially correct. In the teachings of Catholic Cardinal Archbishop Joseph Bernardin of Chicago, opposing abortion is only one part of the Christian pro-life ethic, and Pope Francis agrees. Cardinal Bernardin advocates for a “Consistent Life Ethic in a seamless garment” in which we should protect life in all its stages.

Merely to oppose abortion and ignore all the other ways innocent and vulnerable life is taken or harmed is not in keeping with being a Christian. How can the so-called pro-life Governor of Alabama sign a heartbeat abortion ban and then allow executions to be carried out? Consistent pro-life must be “pro-life for the whole life” which is the motto of Michigan Democrats for Life — a group I helped to found.

Being “pro-life for the whole” also opposes racism, unjust wars, separation of immigrant children from their parents, capital punishment and physician-assisted suicide. Being “pro-life for the whole life” also protects life by making affordable healthcare a right, bringing people out of poverty, fighting climate change, making income equality a reality.

Democratic policies, if they are implemented, will save more babies than heartbeat abortion bans. These policies empower and encourage women facing unplanned pregnancies to carry their babies to term: prenatal and post-partum healthcare, quality pre-K childcare, work-place protections for pregnant women, paid-family leave, and others.

Most Americans are surprised to find out that the U.S. is the only industrialized country in the world that does not offer paid-family leave.

Finally, ask yourself this, “Don’t assault rifles and automatic guns with high capacity bullets kill innocent and vulnerable people? Gun violence is certainly a pro-life issue.

So why do you seldom see people who oppose abortion also speak out in favor of sensible gun safety measures that do no harm to our U.P. lifestyle? Thanks for listening.


Adjunct Professor NMU

Certified Elder Law Attorney