Hats off to Sterling Schultz

To the Journal editor:

I read the story about the “appreciation day” for the Republic Veterans Memorials’ donors, and to those of us whose names are up on this Wall. (I happen to belong to both of the above mentioned.)

Back a couple of years ago when the story about a Veterans Memorial which would be dedicated solely to those of us who served in the armed rorces from Republic, regardless of which conflict/ war, or era we had served in.

Sterling Schultz envisioned this memorial and has taken it through to this day. Not to also forget the awesome task of making sure that only those from Republic were on it and to put their names into the correct conflict/war, or era that they had served in.

So after reading the story about this idea, I wrote to the Letters/Opinion section, to which I questioned if he had planned a section dedicated to those of us who had served during the Cold War Era. To date, we still haven’t gotten any memorial in Washington, D.C., recognizing our service to country!

Since that response, Mr. Schultz and I had a conversation via phone, during which, he assured me that we too, would also be amongst the other conflicts/wars.

( I said to Sterling, that I would send him all the information on the Cold War that I’ve compiled throughout the years.)

I was up about 3 weeks ago and stopped by the memorial and was very happy to see that my information that I sent was used for the chronology plate for the Cold War, which shows the price that was paid by 382, and 126 MIA, whose sacrifice to our freedom, has never been recognized and properly honored by America.

To those of you who have been “dismissive” or simply ignored our time in service, I’d like you all to think about this:

“Because of us, the War that never was, could’ve been the War that would’ve ended all Wars!”

In closing, for all of Sterling’s efforts and hard work on this memorial, I think either VVA Post 380 in Negaunee or the VFW and/or the American Legion should give an award or honor to Mr. Sterling Schultz for his honoring all of us veterans from Republic.

This memorial can truly be called a Veterans Memorial!

In gratitude,


Hoffman Estates, Illinois


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