God’s country cited

To the Journal editor:

I recently read a book called “Cemeteries of the Stars.” It was about when and how they died and where they were buried. Lots of them had money, fame and large homes, etc.

Also, a lot of them died rather young from bad habits, smoking, alcohol and drugs. Seems that many did not enjoy the simple things in life.

Lots of stress and on the go a lot. Not much time with the family. In our fast-paced life one has to make a choice, slow down and see the beauty around things of nature, trees, flowers, clean rivers and our beautiful Great Lakes.

Lucky for me when I decided to change direction and what I call a spiritual awakening, that is follow the Lord’s way, it has helped me to slow down, and most know the saying, stop and smell the roses. I’m back out riding in the country enjoying the woods and seeing the beauty of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, some say God’s country!

I’ve traveled most of the USA plus Japan and the Philippines while serving in the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Coast Guard. Before my wife passed away in 2017, we also traveled a lot. Six winters in Arizona but our last 17 or so years back to our home in the U.P. of Michigan.

Recently there was an editorial about the traffic going faster and more cars. That is a fact. Quite dangerous on the road, but I avoid getting into the rush of life and have found that just take each day and slow down, and again thanks be to God for his love and the beautiful Earth we have.

In conclusion, most know we humans are doing a good job of destroying our earthly home. Hopefully we will realize this before it’s too late.