What is justice?

To the Journal editor:

As part of celebrating Labor Day that honors workers and retired workers, We the People define, justify, and apply justice to declare justice for all workers and justice for all retired workers.

What is justice?

Justice is revealed in our history when we progressed from justice for few to justice for all.

In our Founding we created a minimalist government that used an individualistic ideology to establish justice for the few wealthy white males.

In our history we progressed through our many revolutionary rights movements, including our American Revolution (political rights), New Deal (worker rights), civil rights, environmental rights, and feminist rights movements, when our activist government created and used scientific methodological justice and all rights for all ethical justice to establish and progress justice for all.

Applying justice for all, we declare just worker rights for all workers and all retired workers:

Our activist national government right to establish, enforce, progress, and restore all rights for all.

Our progressive redistributive taxes right to help finance progressing justice for all and prevent deficit spending, including raising our income tax rate for millionaires and billionaires from 37% to 70% (our 1970s rate), creating a 2% wealth tax on millionaires and billionaires, and eliminating unjust tax breaks so millionaires and billionaires pay just taxes.

Our opportunity right for all, including progressing equal opportunity for a job and advancement.

Our income right for all, including creating women receive equal pay, a national minimum hourly wage of $15 (up from the present $7.25), high-paying infrastructure jobs with trickle-over income for all, and Basic Income (Social Security-for-All) of $500 per month for all.

Our education and training right for all, including creating tax-financed and government-run tuition-free education and training.

Our health care right for all (Medicare-for-All), including creating tax-financed health care.

Our participation right for all, including progressing our right to unionize, negotiate, and strike.

Our scientific job evaluation right for all, including using scientific method and substance to progress valid evaluation criteria.

Our freedom from unjust firing right for all, including progressing freedom from an opinion-based firing because it lacks scientifically and/or legally proving serious damage, fraud, harassment, incompetence, or theft.

Our freedom from discrimination right for all, including progressing freedoms from age, ethnic, and sexual discrimination.

Justice for all workers!

Justice for all retired workers!



Editor’s note: This letter writer should not be confused with Gordon J. Peterson, a retired funeral director who worked many years for Swanson-Lundquist Funeral Home in Marquette.