What God knew

To the Journal editor:

In Robert Anderson’s recent op-ed about racism, he mentioned that the pro-life movement and various clergy should be a part of calling it was it is; namely a sin. I think we would all agree on that. But of course our primary focus in pro-life centers on Roe v Wade, otherwise known as “choice.”

There’s a set of lyrics from a recent Christian song that I think succinctly summarizes the heart of our efforts. “I’m a nobody trying to tell everybody about a somebody” … which of course is Jesus. I think that describes our message as well, although with a little change of meaning.

One of the favorite lines of the choice proponents is “to protect the reproductive rights of a woman over her own body.” Well, our response is that there is, in fact, another somebody who is not a nobody that is meant to share with everybody their own life story.

From a biblical point of view, Psalm 139 reminds us that God knew us before we existed and He gave us the number of days we were to have before any of those days came to pass. To put it another way, we are God’s choice before we even existed.

As a pastor who has had countless confidential interactions and discussions over the course of almost 40 years of ministry, this subject comes up from time to time. My message is always the same; God knew them before they existed and they are in His presence because he overcomes death for all those who belong to Him.

If you are one of those who made the “choice” and have regretted it, I hope that the truth of that statement brings some measure of comfort to you.