There are many questions about Trump

To the Journal editor:

There are a lot of voters who are wary of the president’s policies. They don’t hate him but do not feel he is really doing us a lot of good.

As to the unemployment of Hispanic and African Americans, do you know any? Families you invite to your house? I do, and they tell me they made way less than white Americans. One family has had to give up their car and move into a cheap mobile home rental. As to deregulations, what one or two can you tell me affected our area’s economy?

The China trade war is devastating to the farmers. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, in the first four months of 2019, Wisconsin exports to China fell by 25%.

The harm the trade war is causing our dairy farmers and processors is real and growing by the day. A total of 449 dairy farms in Wisconsin were lost in the half of 2019, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

At a recent rally, the president told his audience that we are being invaded by Hispanics and a person shouted out, “Shoot them.”

The president did not say that it would be wrong to do that. A few weeks later, a man shot many innocent people in El Paso, Texas. He said he wanted to stop the invasion.

Do you think the families of the victims are proud of the president?

As to the investigation of the Russian interference with the election. I wish they would go and get answers to such questionable activities such as certain White House persons wanted a private communication channel with Putin. Also why the president has private meetings with Putin.

Instead of just repeating rhetoric from the president’s rallies, there are many other activities that should be questioned and discussed.