Run wild, run free

To the Journal editor:

This letter was inspired by one written by my brother, Richard. Lest I be accused of the crime of plagiarism, I was given permission to use his thoughts.

Every time a mass shooting occurs conservative pundits, politicians and the NRA declare, “Current gun laws don’t work! New gun laws won’t work either! Criminals ignore laws anyway!”

If the only judge of whether a law works is if no one ever breaks it, then we should get rid of all laws. Is there any governmental law that no one breaks? Traffic laws don’t work — criminals run red lights and break speed limits. Assault laws don’t work — criminals assault people. Theft and murder laws don’t work — criminals steal and kill people.

Since all laws get broken, let’s do away with them all — think how much it would save! No politicians to make laws; no police to make arrests. No lawyers to defend and prosecute and no judges to judge. No prisons or guards. Drive where you like, as fast as you like — no lane markers, no stop lights, drive on either side of the road, heck, no need to even stay on a road! No need for money or a job, just steal what you need. Go to the bathroom where you like and throw garbage anywhere. Set fire to houses and cars for pure entertainment. And, of course, get your guns and ammo and start shooting whatever you please!

Is this utopia, or anarchy? Perhaps, then, laws have some effects, after all?