Patriotism defined

To the Journal editor:

It might be dangerous if the public had the discretion to vote on the budget, but would it be worse? Would it be as wasteful and bloated as W.A.R. or Wasted American Resources?

When it comes to the bloated military budget Congress is quick to act, but when it comes to public needs, especially in recent decades, procrastination, with dawdling, lollygagging and postponing, takes center stage. They talk, chatter, use doublespeak, use words described as Dog-Whistle politics, words of no substance. Why can’t they tell the truth without lying?

While they do all that, climate change brings about disruption and calamity dooming future generations to worsening conditions, already experienced in real time with floods, droughts and other extremes of weather that bring about extreme water stress to many. They fight wars to keep an industry in profits, leaving many innocent people dead and widespread destruction in its wake … those who bear no fault other than being in front of U.S. imperialism and globalism.

The body polity intervenes, intrudes into their culture, impose sanctions, boycotts and blockades (Cuba, Venezuela, Iran). It is not a crime to resist a bully, exploitation, dictatorial agendas that only serve this nation, its wealthy, powerful and corrupt policies that serve only itself.

This nation and this administration, among others, are attacking the world, anybody, any nation, group or person who offers resistance and does not bow its will, marginalizing, starting trade wars when not getting its way, which is not always the best way or the right way.

Patriotism is not just a flag, an anthem or a pledge. It is the ideals upon which this nation was founded and they are under attack by this administration and its white nationalist extremist supporters. This land is our land.

It is not exclusive to the few, the wealthy, the powerful who can only win by suppression of voting rights and the use of gerrymandering, or other means of fixing the race in their favor.

Fight the hate, teach tolerance, and seek justice. Better and saner leadership at all levels, and in all parts of the polity is needed. Not needed is jingoistic, bellicose, flag-waving, my country right or wrong, noise-making scapegoating of the innocent of this world, to cover-up wrong doings and bad policies.