Helping others key

To the Journal editor:

I recently visited and gave some snack packs to the homeless people at what is called the summer shelter at Messiah Lutheran Church.

Some other churches are also helping. They come at 9 p.m. and have a place to sleep then have to leave at 6 a.m. Seems more people are having a hard time to have a place to live.

About 15 or so were there when I stopped by. Because of my spiritual awakening as I call it, doing what the Lord says provide for those in need, feed the hungry, provide clothing, visit the sick and lonely. Times have sure changed.

Many years ago, most people helped each other and many had a home to live in. Sometimes it seems animals get more care than people.

At least I hope that God willing that we as a people can hopefully find a place to help those in need. Recently a new place for animals was built. I would think we can do the same for our fellow human beings.

The Democrats are promising help for those in need, medical, a decent job, a place to stay or have a home. Many are helping in Marquette Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, The Janzen House help for a place to stay the warming center provides food, a place to be in from the weather etc. Also the Women’s Center. My hope that is with the help of us just giving a little from everyone, we can maybe find a place for the less fortunate to not have to be out on the streets, shelters, etc.

The founding fathers of the U.S. said we the people not just a selective few should unite to help all of us, defend, protect, and provide a decent living for all people. If we can do that we can again be proud to be Americans. Also on our currency it says in God we trust not our leaders or those who are well off. Time will tell.

Thanks to The Mining Journal for helping to make people aware of the problems we face and hopefully work together for the good of all.