God bless our president

To the Journal editor:

The “What is Decency” letter of Aug. 10 begs this observation: The author’s rambling narrative of all things evil regarding our President has nothing to back it up.

Feelings don’t count when you blast someone in the newspaper. How about some facts and examples? Where does the president cage children? Our president doesn’t support dictators who murder journalists. The world is full of dictators who we must, unfortunately, maneuver with and around in order to avoid confrontations we may not be prepared for.

Saudi Arabia has suppressed women for centuries yet every president before Trump has also bought their oil and fostered their support. We do not have a perfect world.

Our president cannot by himself destroy our environment. That’s absurd. If our environment has deteriorated then why only blame Trump? He’s our 45th president, remember. What exactly have the Europeans accomplished with their climate concerns?.

Our president adds an extra measure of hate? Where? I have never heard him spout a hateful or racist word. His description of some southern island countries as ” …. holes” is the same observation that I’ve made. I’ve lived there. The folks from Baltimore agree with him, too, and the truth overrides mannerisms every time.

To observe hate and intolerance just listen to his political opponents. Examples are continuous. Just listen to the press. It is obvious their intentions are to create chaos and then say the presidency is chaotic.

Why blame the messenger? Criticism is neither evil, unconstitutional, racist, bigoted, or wrong when it is accurately directed. Sound criticism actually fixes things. Our president does that and his millions of supporters don’t care if it’s on Twitter.

The president is selfish? His salary goes to charity and he has stopped his business activities. He didn’t have to do this. His cabinet heads go through “feeble” motions? Really! Why was his predecessors inaction with China, NATO payments, job creation, tax cuts, prison reform, or throwing money to Iran not considered “feeble.” Feebleness is empty promises and pleasing the current crowd at all costs.

Trump neither lies or betrays himself and that is his ultimate crowd pleaser. It won’t please everyone when he tries to cut our debt, but you watch, that’s coming next term. God bless him.