Give Trump credit

To the Journal editor:

I just don’t understand all the hate for our president, Donald Trump. The man has done more for this country than any other president in my time.

His accomplishments are numerous! For instance, African and Hispanic unemployment is now the lowest rate ever recorded. No Democrat has ever done that.

He has eliminated many government regulations, which is increasing our small business owners to prosper and grow more expediently.

He has all but eliminated NAFTA and the Democrats could not do that. This has increased other countries to be responsible for paying their fair share for their own protection.

He has taken China on to achieve fair trade for our goods and no other president has ever accomplished that and the list just goes on and on. Check out the list on the internet.

Also the Democrats cannot seem to get over the Mueller report and can only shout impeachment instead of working to keep our country up and running as their job requires them to do. This is not going anywhere. Forget it!

I think that it is time to quit all the negative rhetoric and money on trying to “get rid of Trump” and work together with the president to get things done.