Eyes said it all

To the Journal editor:

A child comes into my office with large, brown, sad eyes. She is an immigrant.

She has been separated from her mother and father. She stares off in a distance, not interested in the toys surrounding her. No amount of coaxing her will revive her spirit. This is one small child out of thousands crossing our borders with thousands of miles behind her.

Nadia Murad, a refugee, human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, said at the United Nations Assembly, “You are the ones who can bring hope or create suffering. You are the ones who can decide if a girl like me from another part of the world can continue her simple life… We shouldn’t close our borders on women and children. The world has only one border-the border of humanity. I beg you to put humans first …”

What will you do? What will you say to that sad child who is one of hundreds of thousands of children at our borders? Will you welcome her or him and her parents, or will you say, “Go back where you came from?”