Cooperation key to success

To the Journal editor:

Kudos to Nick Emmendorfer and the Room At The Inn volunteers who wash windows downtown to honor the memory of Phil Niemisto. This is the kind of cooperation we need to live together in this special place.

In September, Room At The Inn begins the 13th year of operation. A small group of churches have accepted the responsibility for hosting the homeless, and many in our community have contributed to this effort. The current model is not sustainable as church membership is shrinking and volunteers are aging. This season, trained night staff will be hired to supervise the 2-6 a.m. shift.

As one can imagine, this is the most difficult time to recruit volunteers. A challenge grant has been offered to fund this position and $7,500 is needed by September 15 in order to receive this grant. I ask the community to step up and help meet this challenge. Any amount will be much appreciated, especially by those who have been volunteering for this “graveyard shift” for the past 13 years.

Please help by contributing any amount to: Room At The Inn, 347 Rock St., Marquette, Michigan.