Budget cuts needed

To the Journal editor:

The voters of Gwinn have spoken again, but the superintendent and the school board are apparently refusing to accept the second vote on the school millage.

They are claiming that there was a low voter turnout ( as they claimed last time), and they will now apparently attempt for the third time to coerce the voters into seeing things their way, although they will wait until March.

The Gwinn community did not fall for it on this second vote though, and the answer is not lowering the years of the millage, as that means nothing, only another vote on renewal. I think that an answer for this issue is fiscal responsibility.

When a family or individual is concerned about potential loss of money, or currently not enough income, they consider budget cuts. Budget cuts are tough and painful, but need to be done in hard situations. I have heard no talk of any cutbacks in the Gwinn schools.

The only thing we hear is that this millage has to be done and they will find a way to get it through. It does not appear that cutbacks is any thought in this current administration.

I suppose that it is not politically correct, as I notice that the media in their flattering articles about the millage, asked no questions and made no statements concerning budget cuts.

I think that when the Gwinn schools get serious about being fiscally responsible, the people will see the good will and respond accordingly.