Play was fantastic

To the Journal editor:

On (a recent) Friday evening, I attended Northern Michigan University’s play, “Mamma Mia.” It was excellent! Everything about it was wonderful from the lighting, scenery, and dancing, to the music and acting.

The cast seemed as though they were enjoying presenting it as much as the audience was enjoying watching it. There is so much talent in Marquette from the youth theater, NMU plays, the symphony, school presentations, etc. For that we are most fortunate.

On Friday night “Mamma Mia” was presented to a sold out theater. There we were shoulder to shoulder, tapping our feet, swaying our heads to the music, and laughing – together.

All had entered the theater — some from work, some from dinner, or from watching the news. We all entered with concerns or drama (big or small) in our lives. But, for those two hours we came together enjoying music, talent, and humor. We left the theater happier, better people.

Nothing in the outside world had changed but for those moments in time when we were all able to experience goodness and talent and be taken away from the concerns that limited us. We left as happier people than we were when we entered.

A big thank you to all those involved in this production for letting us truly experience the power of the fine arts.