Letters to the editor

How to help promote

equal pay for women

To the Journal editor:

I am writing to encourage the support the passage of House Bill No. 4638 which was recently referred to Commerce and Tourism committee, Steve Marino. Why should this bill be supported?

As of 2018, women are still only making 0.79 cents to every dollar their male counterpart earns. This in turn will equate to roughly over $10,000 in an annual difference between women and men. This is not to mention that women of other races will earn even less.

Gender pay gaps are impactful on an economic level, which in turn affects us all. Through women being compensated less than their male counterpart, this decreases a woman’s bargaining power and voice.

That said, women account for only 38% of human capital wealth, whereas men are worth 62%. Globally, $23,620 is lost in wealth per capita individually for women, while the loss in human capital wealth globally due to gender inequality is estimated at $160.2 trillion.

Providing equal pay through the recognition in employers that make progress in addressing pay inequalities between men and women is a step in the right direction. While our county has implemented laws to protect against workplace discrimination, it appears there is still more that needs to be done.

Together, we should support and address this on-going social problem through proactive measures in an effort to terminate this discrimination. House Bill No. 4638 would influence a positive agency moral to the community through the recognition of leading by a positive example, thus, inspiring a rippling effect to other businesses.

On May 21st, 2019, Representative Donna Lasinski introduced House Bill No. 4638, which was referred to the Commerce and Tourism committee, Steve Marino. This bill would create better agency morals, inflicting positive awareness to other agencies through this proactive approach.

Most importantly, it would promote women to not being objected as less, and fair treatment for all. Please contact Commerce and Tourism Committee chairman, Steve Marino, at S-788 House Office Building P.O. Box 30014 Lansing, MI 49809, via emailSteveMarino@house.mi.gov, and/or by phone 517-373-0113 to request this bill to be brought up at their next committee meeting.



Doesn’t like Bergman emails

To the Journal editor:

If you’re a subscriber to U.S. Rep. Jack Bergman’s email rants as I am, then you’re used the kind of breast beating, … self aggrandizement he passes off as “news.” However, this latest email, July 17, 2019, is a real doozie.

In his latest pitch at partisan posturing, Bergman tacitly endorses the racist, misogynistic ravings of the person currently occupying the White House. In his opposition to the resolution passed by the House, (condemning Trump’s latest tweets), Bergman shows his true colors as a partisan lapdog, willing to follow the divider-in-chief.

Trump’s extortion to “go back where they came from” should better apply to drop-in politicians from Louisiana.



UPAWS rummage sale a success

To the Journal editor:

The Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter’s 10th annual rummage sale in June raised $3,485.00 for shelter operations. We are happy that this amount directly adds to the much needed funding which helps to care for our homeless animals.

Again our community came through for us by donating wonderful rummage items, and we had a great attendance of shoppers many of whom return year after year. You don’t know how much we appreciate all of you!

A huge thank you goes to Christine Pesola for allowing us to use the former Century 21 office space again this year free of charge.

Whatever rummage items were left after the sale were so graciously transported by Marty Hill to his store, Thriftish in Ishpeming. Marty is a dedicated UPAWS supporter, and allowing him to sell what was left is a win-win situation for UPAWS.

Our rummage sale volunteers are special people, because this one sale alone required 229 volunteer hours, and many of these same people help year after year. Our volunteers again this year were Colleen Bath, Deb Winkler, Linda Dionne (tables), Crystal Swanson, Karen Rhodes (posters and advertising), Sue Schenk Drobny, Colleen Whitehead, Phil Ombrello and Jeff Koval. Our newest helpers this year were Ken and Kathy Miller, Amanda Fruehling and Allie Mahoski.

Their help was very much appreciated! Thanks also go to Gander Outdoors of Marquette and their employees who volunteer at community events during the year. Gander employees who put in many hours at our sale were Colby Baker, Linda Richards, Whitney Kallenbach, Seth Barrons and Joe Dairo who also ended up helping box up rummage at the end of the sale. We certainly appreciated all of their help!

In conclusion, the rummage sale is only one of many fundraisers during the year. Others include Raise The Woof, the Annual Pet Calendar, Wash & Wag, the Rescue Raffle, Tee Up For Tails, Blueberry Fest, Strut Your Mutt, Sally’s Ride, Cause For Paws, Pictures With Santa, donation canisters in stores, etc., and many third party events which bring in much needed operating funds for the shelter.

If you would like to become involved with UPAWS in any way, please don’t hesitate to stop in at the new shelter on M-553 or call them at 906-475-6661.

Thanks to all for your continuing support!

Marlene Ombrello, chairwomen

Volunteer and Rummage Sale