Ask God for help

To the Journal editor:

We all know and saw on TV about more mass killing. Also our government and the people we expect to remember. We the people of our country should work together for the good of all of us.

Those in Washington continue to oppose one another for the purpose of getting re-elected. It’s not the United States of America, but more like the Divided States of America. The news media seems to dwell on bad news as does TV shows killing, murder, sex.

No moral values such as helping those in need, protect the benefits of those worked for them, good medical care when needed and most all to try to help one another to be honest and practice the meaning of loving one another.

Not worldly love but the love of God which was given us in the coming of Jesus Christ to give us a chance to change our ways. If you are willing to repent which means change direction and follow God’s way then we as a people and country will be changed for the good.

Our money has on it In God We Trust and how about God Bless America? We are not doing God’s will so if we continue our ways I don’t see our country being as it was when we as a people try to do as God says trust in me and God will surely bless America.

A prayer I wrote recently after my hip surgery. it’s called “Acceptance.”

Dear Lord in this fallen world help me to have realistic expectations about my earthly house and home. Prepare me for troubles that are sure to come. Remind me that I can expect and accept circumstances without liking them.

Help me to be heaven-minded so I can grow through adversity knowing that these differences will end with this earthly life. I accept whatever comes from your hand and trust in your wisdom and love.

What we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he, the Lord, will reveal to us later when we are called to our real home, heaven.