Where are you Jack?

To the Journal editor:

Group therapy is utilized by about 40 or more Vietnam vets in Marquette County.

In recent months, the Veterans Administration is convinced that group therapy for PTSD is being put on the back burner in exchange for two or three other really untested methods to curb or cure PTSD, even though group therapy is by far the thing that works for for Vietnam vets and all other war vets. Just ask them how it has worked for 30 or more years.

About one year ago, we approached U.S. Rep. Jack Bergman’s office for help and to attend our group meeting. He agreed. But when we met, he was absent. About six months later, he agreed to show again and again was absent. Finally a few weeks ago, we had a meeting in Marquette and he showed up. After about an hour or so, several Vietnam vets expressed through tears and sobbing how important group was to them.

Jack Bergman is a member of the Department of Veterans Affairs Committee in Washington, D.C. and promised he’d look into it and vowed to help. Weeks later, not a phone call or a word from him or his staff.

On May 24, I and Jim Provost met with two directors for veterans affairs from Escanaba, our district office, and a therapist and the representative from Milwaukee in charge of the V.A. contracts for therapists and other affairs. I asked each of them if they had heard from Bergman and the answer was no.

Our general consensus after one and a half hours was we have to get it done ourselves. I agree. But I am a very forgiving person so Mr. Bergman, I am willing to give you one more chance. Please look into it and respond.

Remember, your motto is promises made, promises kept!

Sterling Schultz

Vietnam veterans group


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