Memorial Day coverage lauded

To the Journal editor:

Thank you for your coverage of the Memorial Day events. I was honored to be a part of the Memorial Day services rendered on Monday in our community. This is an important day to remember all of those we have lost in our lives, especially the men and women, both military and civilian, who gave their lives in support of our country. There are two things that trouble me, however, about this day. I hate to hear people wish me a “Happy Memorial Day.”

This is a day of reflection, not a day for gladness. Do you go to a funeral and express joy to be there?

The other thing may be minor, but it also causes me to flinch. The rifle team fires a volley of three rounds during ceremonies such as these and while rendering military honors at funerals. The team is composed of one or more members, not necessarily seven. It bugs me to hear it called a 21-gun salute. A 21-gun salute is performed with cannons or artillery pieces and is normally reserved for the funerals of past or present presidents and certain other heads of state. For the record, whoever wrote the (captions) for the photos in (May 28’s) Mining Journal got it right.

A job well done.


VVA Chapter 380



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