Malkin followed annoying trend

To the Journal editor:

In her column “Revoke Ilhan Omar’s marriage fraud card,” Michele Malkin makes some possibly valid points, but the rest is slogans serving as a substation for thought, or blatant self-contradiction. Perhaps most irritating, however, is her use, characteristic of an expanding trend, to use (seemingly) the word “entitled” to mean not entitled.

It does not make sense to complain about the actions of people who are entitled. By definition, either have a title, or, in the sense in which Michele Malkin is using the word, they have a right to do what they are doing or they are owed what is coming to them. This kind of sloppy writing and thinking, sloppy to the point of utter nonsensicality, must be completely, immediately estimated everywhere, for the sake of English and for the sake of language.


New York, New York


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