Care vs. judgement

To the Journal editor:

Where were you on the worst day of your life? My patients are at the clinic, deciding whether to end their pregnancy. I’m an RN in Florida. We see women of all ages, races, and ethnicities. Many are Christians who cry and are overwhelmed. It’s heartbreaking for them, and for me. But they are resolved. No one wants to have an abortion. They decide they must.

Like the 45-year-old whose daughter is pregnant who told me, “I can’t have a baby now! My children are grown, and I’m about to be a Grandma.” Or the 18-year old about to enter basic training. The 14-year-old millionaire’s daughter whose mother brought her so that she doesn’t “ruin her life.”The 19-year-old exotic dancer who takes care of her siblings because their mother is an addict. The patient with near-fatal preeclampsia with two previous pregnancies, whose doctor said another pregnancy would kill her. One can claim there is no stigma to unwed motherhood, or there are plenty of social programs, but not in the real world. Programs won’t help these women.

Some of our patients are trafficked, or victims of rape or incest. The men want them to abortions, and refuse to help if they don’t. No programs will guarantee that they and their children will have food, shelter, heat, decent clothing, health insurance, etc.

Jesus said, “whatsoever you do for the least of my brothers, that you do unto me”. Christians are tasked to take care of the poor, hungry, and weak, to forgive those who sin, and to love one another. We are all pro-life. We all want to take care of children. We can help children suffering in border detention facilities, victims of abuse and neglect, and those who are hungry or homeless. But we mustn’t judge others, as “judgement is mine sayeth the Lord”. We cannot impose our beliefs on others or insert ourselves between a woman and her doctor, making medical decisions regarding her own body.

Women’s rights are human rights. We must allow women to live with self-determination, or women become less than human, a uterus the government can control. No. If each human being should have the freedom to make their own medical decisions, then you must oppose attempts to regulate a woman’s womb. Care for these women, no matter what. It’s the Christian thing to do. Leave the judgement to God.