Bus shelter needed

To the Journal editor:

MarqTran Director Delene Kline returned our call and said (there are) no funds available for a Snowberry bus shelter. Why not? Where is our tax money going?

For years, they just filled potholes. Have you notice how they fix a road that doesn’t need it, and not the ones that do? Example is Division Street in South Marquette. They just did the west end part of Wright Street which didn’t need it. What’s up with that?

For the first time, the road around the Island at Presque Isle wasn’t ready and open for Mother’s Day. It was open two days later. I guess we know what the city thinks of us mothers. We always enjoyed that ride after eating a delicious meal out. It was a tradition and you destroyed it. There’s no excuse for doing that.

More people have to use the bus because we can’t afford a car. We also want a shelter on Baraga Avenue behind Walgreens. It’s the humane thing to do so we don’t have to be outside in harsh weather waiting for the bus. It’s the right thing to do.

The city sure knows how to apply for beautification grant money. Example, the $3 million for the dock over the pylons. How about a compassion grant for two bus shelters for human weather protection?

We seniors paid our fair share of taxes over the years and deserve these bus shelters. If you ride the bus, please take time and register your complaint by calling Mike Angeli, city manager, at 906-228-0435.

A very upset citizen,




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