Applauding area youth

To the Journal editor:

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Julie Luehmann’s science classes at Westwood High School. It was a beautiful day to observe the sun through my small solar telescope.

Unfortunately the sun is now at solar minimum, in terms of activity, in its 11 year cycle.

But a few flares and filaments were observed. But I mostly wanted to remark on how wonderful the young adults were. They were very interested, thankful and respectful. It was truly my pleasure to participate with these wonderful students.

One young man, upon his first look through the scope, proclaimed “This is EPIC” topped my day.

The next day I was at Aspen Ridge School for their annual Family Night activities. I was demonstrating how fishing flies are tied and many other people and groups had fascinating presentations.

Again, the parents, young adults and children were absolutely wonderful. I truly believe our future will be in very good hands.


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