When do millage votes cease?

To the Journal editor

Recently Gwinn had a millage proposal for a sinking fund to benefit the school system. This was voted down by approximately 180 votes. The Mining Journal recently wrote an opinion in the paper claiming they were disappointed in the vote. The Gwinn Superintendent and the board have scheduled another vote in August with apparently the same proposal. The Mining Journal article talked of the low cost of the proposal comparing it to 24 cents a day. While that may be true in some cases, it is not the whole truth. The fact is, there are already four millages we are paying for concerning the schools alone. Also there are two police millages. One road, one library, one ambulance, one clubhouse and 6 county millages. These are already on the tax roll.

Secondly, we had an election on this issue and the people have spoken. Why are we looking to overturn the will of the people? Do elections mean nothing?

Third, this new election raises a lot of questions. If the school wins this time, can the losing side schedule another election then? Where does it end? For that matter where do millages end? The obvious answer is when the people say no. That is, if it means anything.




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