Unjustified rates

To the Journal editor:

After seeing these two issues back in the news, I am compelled to write this letter.

It is quite clear that UPPCO rates are unreasonably higher than any other local electric company. UPPCO tip-toes around the reason why — they say “upgrades.” I am sure other companies do the same cost-saving measures. So why is UPPCO justified in their rates? I submit this question to any representative or the governor to find the answer and solution.

There are two big issues that hurt U.P. residents and Michigan families:

1. Unjustified electric rates that U.P. residents pay for their electric bill through UPPCO.

2. The unreasonable rate we pay for no-fault insurance along with the catastrophic fund.

The only thing catastrophic about this is the amount of money being fleeced from Michigan residents in the name of insurance. So again, I challenge any representative and/or the governor to make a difference. You can also ask why the state commissions keep approving rate hikes for UPPCO. Do these rates affect their bills?

Most Michigan homeowners are motivated to upgrade their appliances and bulbs to be more energy efficient. But these costs are nullified due to the continuous increase in rates.

The winner is the power company who is sending less electricity to your house and yet charging you more for it! Brilliant.




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