McBroom off base

To the Journal editor:

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has eliminated several positions in her office which were primarily “community outreach” jobs, in other words, employees who gave speeches to community groups and at schools, often to promote Bill Schuette’s run for governor.

Nessel used the money instead to hire experienced investigators and prosecutors, some of whom will work for the state’s hate crimes unit.

Now state Sen. Ed McBroom, who, as far as I know, had no objection to Schuette padding his budget with public relations jobs may push for funding cuts to the attorney general’s office because he “questions” the statistics which show a spike in reported hate crimes.

He has no concrete evidence but just doesn’t think there really is an increase in actual crimes.

You can contact Sen. McBroom to tell him to stop playing politics and that investigating and prosecuting crimes is an essential part of the attorney general’s commitment to serve the people of our state.